Prerequisites 03 - Converting G8 to G8.1

Started by Alexander, Apr 02, 2024, 09:57 PM

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Prerequisites 03 - Converting G8 to G8.1

When I loaded an older version of Birgit into Blender, I realized that I had started with her as the G8 version. All versions before G8.1 had no FACS support. With FACS you have more control over expressions and much more. You can either use motion files from the Unreal Engine, or if you have an MS Kinnect or an Iphone, you can use these devices  to record your facial expressions and transfer them live to your character.

I am currently using Daz Studio 4.21. To find out if your character is G8 or G8.1, select your character in the viewport and click on the Node (1) tab.Under (2) you can see if your character is G8 or G8.1 based.

If you have a G8 character, then this mini-tutorial might be helpful.

The following method is the one I use. I have been away from Daz3D for quite a long time, there may be better ways to convert the character.
In order to be able to handle the resulting files better, I create an additional path, which will also be very helpful in the future.

Step 1 - Add a character preset path

Create a folder on one of your drives, preferably in an organized path structure. And remember the path...  ;D
[color=var(--input-txt-color)]Open your settings window, which you can find via the "Edit" drop-down menu. You can also press "F2" to open the settings.[/color]

Select the content tab.

Click on the "Content Directory Manager" button.

Select the "Daz Studio Formats" node under (1), and then press the "Add" button under (2).

Select the path that you created at the beginning and press the button under (1) (most likely "select folder" in English)
You should the added directory now under (1).

Press the "Accept" Button under (1).

Back in the settings, click on the "Accept" button. That's it for the moment.

Step 2 - Save shape and materials from your Genesis 8 Character.

We will save the shape and the materials of the character.

Select your Genesis 8 character in the viewport. Under the "File" drop-down menu, click on "Save As" (1) / Shaping Preset (2).

You will be asked for a file name for the save operation: Navigate to the path you added earlier and give the file a valid name (1). I usually add the suffix "-shape" to the file name.

Press the "Save" button to confirm. An options window will appear as shown below.

As we only need a single frame, select the option as shown in (1). To confirm this action, press the "Accept" button (2).
That's it.

Now continue with the "Materials" preset. The same procedure as before. Select the menu item as shown in (2).

We get a similar save dialog.

[color=var(--input-txt-color)]Add a suffix, I'm using -Material in my case, then click the "Save" button (1).[/color]
Another options window will appear, as shown below.

Select everything and click the "Accept" button as shown under (1).
That's it for Step 2!
Don't be afraid of the default cube!


Step 3 - Genesis 8.1 Character - Developer Version

Move your figure a little to the left or right (X translate -150 or 150 should do it). Now we add another figure to the scene. We want to see both figures next to each other later.
You will find the developer characters in the Content Library as shown below under (1).

Load the Genesis 8.1 figure, in my case the female "Genesis 8.1 Dev Load "version (2).
No textures have been assigned to this figure, which is fine, so that we can then check that the materials have been transferred correctly.  After loading the character, select G8.1 in the scene tab  (3) and check the node information under (4).

Go to your added directory. I would collapse the Daz3D entry as show below.

Select the G8.1 Character (1) and apply our previously saved presets (2) and (3). The G8 and G8.1 signs should then look similar.

You can delete your G8 character, keep G8.1 and save the Scene. Or you can save G8.1 as Character Preset. :) Aaaand... we're ...

Done - And An Important Info!

Please remember that hair or geografts are not transferred. As a rule, geograft developers such as Meipe / Golden Palace provide updates, and it is always worth checking whether newer versions are available, as is the case with Golden Palace or Dicktator.

- Alexander
Don't be afraid of the default cube!