Prerequisites 01 - Installing Diffeomorphic in Daz Studio From Scratch

Started by Alexander, Mar 02, 2024, 11:42 AM

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Hi guys,
there are a few prerequisites that you need to bring with you.
Firstly, I assume that you can unpack archive files and use a file manager of your choice. I use Windows as my OS and unfortunately cannot give you support for Linux or Mac, but the procedure should be similar.
You should also have Blender 4.02 and Daz Studio 4.21 or 4.22 installed and know where your DAZ Studio content directory is located.


Blender 4.02 Stable - zip file - download 

Windows 10 +: https://builder.blender.org/download/daily/archive/blender-4.0.2-stable+v40.9be62e85b727-windows.amd64-release.zip

(Builds for other OS:  go to https://builder.blender.org/download/daily/archive/, select your OS and scroll to 4.02 stable )

Diffeomorphic Daily Build
Below you'll find the direct link to the addon version I'm currently using:


You can get the actual builds here: https://bitbucket.org/Diffeomorphic/import_daz/downloads/
It is usually safe to download the latest version, however sometimes something is broken. As fallback version keep the version above.

After downloading the diffeomorphic file, please unpack the file, we need some files for Daz Studio.
If you are using WinRar, use "Extract Here" in the context menu and you get a folder

Inside the folder, you'll see a subfolder called "to_daz_studio". Navigate to this folder.

In this subfolder you will find a Scripts folder.

Once you have copied the Scripts folder to your content folder, you are ready to launch Daz Studio.
It is a good idea to update the scripts folder from time to time, as scripts sometimes change.
Don't be afraid of the default cube!


In Daz Studio, go to the Content Library tab and you will find a diffeomorphic folder.

Double-click on the "Set up menus" icon. This script adds some entries to the "Export" section of the file menu.

The next important step is to save the root paths.

The "Save Root Paths" script creates a json file that you will need in Blender for the next configuration steps.

The Daz Studio part of the installation is complete!
Don't be afraid of the default cube!