Prerequisites 02 - Installing Diffeomorphic in Blender 4.x From Scratch

Started by Alexander, Mar 29, 2024, 04:26 PM

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Installing Diffeomorphic in Blender 4.0 From Scratch

The Diffeomorphic addon is simply brilliant, thank you Thomas! It installs like any other Blender addon. But first you should download the latest developer version.
You can find it here: https://bitbucket.org/Diffeomorphic/import_daz/downloads/

I strongly recommend that you create a folder for all your asset and addon downloads. I use a structure that also places the diffeomorphic at the top of the list, as there are updates almost every day. "!Dazimport" in my case :)

Blender Tasks
In Blender, open the Preferences under the Edit drop-down menu. (1)

Press the "Add-ons" Button (2). Enter "Daz" in the search field (3) to see if an older version is already installed. If yes, uninstall it, restart blender and enter the preferences again.
If this is your very first install, you can skip the step "Remove an add-on - the right way" below

Remove an add-on - the right way
How to remove the old version? It's simple :)

First of all, click on the small arrow at (1) to open the addon overview. Then deactivate the add-on by removing the tick from the checkbox (2).
Then click the "Remove" button to physically remove the addon from the hard disk. When this is done, be sure to restart Blender.
If you don't do that, you'll see what you get out of it. I told you so! :P
If you skip these steps, files that are no longer needed will remain in the addon folder, and the Karmabitch will then enjoy giving you a leg up at some point... hrhr...

Installing the downloaded zip file

Click the "Install" button under (1).

If you have already created a bookmark for your system directory, you can easily open the directory by clicking on the entry under Bookmarks.
If such an entry does not yet exist, navigate to your directory and click on the "+" sign for Bookmarks. Ideal for lazy dogs like you and me. :P

Select the downloaded zip file (3) and then click the "Install Addon" (4) button.
After clicking the button, you'll see the window below. If nothing is shown, clear the search field and enter "daz" again.

The last step is to activate the add-on by clicking on the checkbox under (1). That's it, we're done here in the settings.
Info: If you want to visit the official wiki, click on the "Documentation" button. Almost every addon has such a button, very helpful.
Don't be afraid of the default cube!


Setting up the addon

You will find all the necessary settings in the N-Panel. If the N-Panel is not displayed, move the mouse in the viewport window and press the "n" key on your keyboard. (Pressing 'n' again will hide the N-panel)

Search and click the "Daz Setup" panel (1). Then press the "Global Settings" Button(2).

Feel free to copy my settings below, this is my preferred setting at the moment. I will explain the important steps in phase 1 - 3 :)

There is one more important task that we need to complete - we still need to define the root paths that we saved earlier. (See the prerequisites 1 thread)
Otherwise the addon will not work. Click the "Load Root Paths" button (1).

Navigate to the location where you have saved the "import-daz-paths.json" (1), select the file, make sure that you have selected at least the first two checkboxes (2).

Last step - click the "Load Root Paths" button. That's it! 

Discussion inside the forum, however you need to register (free).
Watch out! Our forum is EUSFW-18! - means we don't get shocked by nipples and genitalia, well, most of us, hrhr.

Don't be afraid of the default cube!